Welcome to the COSMOS map of freight services in SEE

Promoting intermodal transport as such towards targeted and potential stakeholders is one of the goals of the Marco Polo common learning project COSMOS.

As information on regular intermodal services in SEE in particular is often not accessible but required by the various stakeholders and customers of intermodal transport services and the “interested community” of intermodal supports, an innovative approach was to elaborate a dynamic web-based tool on South-East European regular intermodal transport services. With this, not only the availability of market relevant information will be improved, but also the transparency and accessibility of regular intermodal transport services in a considerably way.

Intermodal operators who want to adjust the information included for their services are invited to send us an E-mail with updated information. If you are an intermodal operator and want to add your regular intermodal service for the first time, please send us also an E-mail.

From this approach you can see that the data is based on information provided by the intermodal operators. Thus we cannot be made liable for the contents in detail.

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