Shuttle train concept for continental transport of Bohemiakombi and its partners


Bohemiakombi and its partners have developed a shuttle train concept for continental transport of intermodal units between the Czech Republic and Western/Southern European Countries.

With the shuttle train concept, Czech terminals in Lovosice and Ostrava are now conected to the european blocktrain network via gateways in Duisburg, Hamburg and Trieste.
As Czech road hauliers prefer craneable trailers over containers and swap bodies, the share of trailers on Bohemiakombi blocktrains exceeds the european standard.

However, Bohemiakombi still sees some obstacles and handicaps, e.g.:

  • Investments for terminal infrastructure are not coordinated and there is a lack of terminals with free access
  • Investments for intermodal equipment by road hauliers are not systematically supported from goverment

More Information on the development of the shuttle train concept of Bohemiakombi and the Road Map on Czech Republic which was carried out in the framework of the COSMOS round tables can be found in the following downloads (downloads only in Czech language available):

Article LogisticNews (997KB)

Article Dopravní noviny (150KB)

Article Dopravní noviny (8.4 MB)

Article Trade news (2.6 MB)