Round Tables in detail

The Road Maps incorporate the Round Table presentations and consolidated findings of the stakeholders and is therefore the final output of the stakeholder engagement process.

1st Round Table: Ljubljana (Slovenia), 23.04.2013

Invitation Round Table Slovenia (124KB)

News Round Table Slovenia (135KB)

Road Map Intermodal Transport Slovenia (3.0 MB)

2nd Round Table: Praha/Prague (Czech Republic), 19.09.2013

Invitation Round Table Czech Republic (134KB)

News Round Table Czech Republic (80KB)

Road Map Intermodal Transport Czech Republic (3.1 MB)

The Road Map version in Czech language is under preparation and will become available soon.

3rd Round Table: Budapest (Hungary), 16.10.2013

Invitation Round Table Hungary (794KB)

News Round Table Hungary (2.2 MB)

Road Map Intermodal Transport Hungary (2.2 MB)

4th Round Table: Bucuresti (Romania), 20.11.2013

Invitation Round Table Romania (84KB)

News Round Table Romania (77KB)

Road Map Intermodal Transport Romania (6.4 MB)

5th Round Table: Sofia (Bulgaria), 25.02.2014

Invitation Round Table Bulgaria (1.1 MB)

News Round Table Bulgaria (76KB)

Road Map Intermodal Transport Bulgaria (2.7 MB)

6th Round Table: Zagreb (Croatia), March 2014

Invitation Round Table Croatia (96KB)

News Round Table Croatia (77KB)

Road Map Intermodal Transport Croatia (4.8 MB)